Tools and Measures for Patients, Clinicians, and Organizations

How can we align care with patient preferences?

The Preference Laboratory creates and evaluates tools and measures to support collaboration between patients and clinicians, especially where there is a need to deliberate carefully about what is best done. Our tools support this process, and our measures help evaluate whether this process is achieved to a high standard. Our tools and measures below can be used by patients, clinicians, and organizations. Please use the legend to determine which tools and measures are right for you.

Types of Tools


Tools to enable patients (or their proxies) to report on their health conditions, attitudes, or experiences (e.g., shared decision making, health care integration).


Tools to enable a health care professional to report on their attitudes, performance, or aspects of health care delivery (e.g., shared decision making).


Tools to enable members of a health care organization to report on their performance or aspects of health care delivery (e.g., readiness for change).


Tools to enable an independent observer to report on aspects of health care delivery (e.g., shared decision making).


Tools that aim to affect a change in patient, provider, or organizational attitudes and behaviors.